About Us

According to the CEO

Who we are?

Hackploit is the leading SEO Company in India 2018 that delivers an all surrounding solution range of digital marketing. We provide SEO services for small business holders who want to establish their website on more prominent platforms. We aid our clients by equipping them with SEO services, SEM, SMO, PPC, SMM and Content writing which saves not only their time but also money while we’re furnishing them with top-level quality services. We believe in presenting our clients an unequivocal advantage over its competitors alongside a stellar business lead. Our company also holds affordable local SEO services. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, and we believe in continual innovation which we do for our clientele. We are thoroughly aware of the constant developing nature of SEO & Online Marketing. Hackploit takes pride in its ability to adapt to this constantly changing environment.

What we do?

We are a center of innovations and quality which always aim at delivering maximum productivity to our clientele. We design digital marketing strategies of our clients and execute high performing methods and campaigns to make sure that the marketing budget invested in a quintessential way.

Our fundamental vision

We, at HACKPLOIT firmly believe that our accomplishment entirely depends upon our client’s success and therefore, we visualize HACKPLOIT to be one of the most authentic and trustable solution providers that have the potential to create advanced customer values.

Our services

Our services are customized around your budget and demands that focus on the area like search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click and much more that’d aid you to lead your digital Marketing Plans. Our strong approach to successful Digital Marketing includes creative content management, brand development and responsive & optimized designing, all designed towards pulling organic traffic, increasing visibility and increasing transformation. We have a lot to offer! This is only the genesis of what we do in summary.

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your results
  • Make your website sell better.

  • Create and improve your marketing potential (products & services).

  • Provide access to unique technologies as well as the knowledge and experience to build a successful business on the Internet.

  • Show you evident, measurable results and regular work on the development of your business on the Internet.

Our Story


Our initial focus was on penetration testing & cyber security alongside SEO. However, we used SEO for our personal blog purposes. With time, our SEO service started growing, and our customer’s insistence on working for the SEO for their websites.


We are awarded the “Hall of fame” numerous time by various companies including Google and Blockchain in vulnerability research. This year, we gained series of SEO clients as well.


This year we achieved a lot of traffic on our blog, therefore, we decided to put our entire focus on making Hackploit an ‘SEO’ based company.


Now we serve 100s of happy customers.